Welcome to the Center for Continuing Medical Education's Help Center!

Please find below a plethora of how-to guides that will help learners navigate profile creation, credit management, and registering for activities. All the guides can be viewed, downloaded, and saved for future reference.
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PDF icon How To Create an Account.pdfPDF icon How To Create an Account.pdf
PDF icon How to Log In.pdfPDF icon How to Log In.pdf
PDF icon Recovering Your Credentials.pdfPDF icon Recovering Your Credentials.pdf
PDF icon Edit Your Profile.pdf
PDF icon Add/Edit Your Mobile Number.pdf

PDF icon Live/Enduring: How to Claim Credit.pdfPDF icon RSS: How To Claim Credit.pdf
PDF icon Access: Comprehensive Transcript.pdfPDF icon Access: My Certificates.pdf
PDF icon Access: My RSS Transcript.pdfPDF icon Adding Specialty Board Information.pdf
PDF icon Edit Your Degree/Licensure.pdfPDF icon Troubleshoot Missing Credit.pdf

PDF icon How to Register.pdfPDF icon How to View Orders.pdf