Credit Worksheet
Thank you for attending ECHO-Chicago! To assist you in determining the correct number of credits to claim, you can use the tool below. Click the check box next to the sessions you attended. Then count the number of checks. That is the number of credits you will claim on the next page.
8/6/19 Introduction to ECHO-Chicago
8/13/19 Collaborative Care Part 1a: Practice Redesign/Care Manager
8/20/19 Collaborative Care Part 2a: Use of a Registry
8/27/19 Special Topic: Medication Management
9/3/19 Special Topic: Serious & Persistent Mental Health Disorders
9/10/19 Collaborative Care Part 3a: Screening and Case Identification
9/17/19 Special Topic: Trauma Informed Care
9/24/19 Special Topic: Environmental Trauma
10/1/19 Special Topic: SBIRT
10/8/19 Collaborative Care Part 4a: Measurement Based Treatment to Target
10/15/19 Special Topic: Undocumented Immigrants
10/22/19 Special Topic: Culturally Influenced Care
10/29/19 Capstone 1
11/5/19 Capstone 2