1 Start 2 - 3 Complete
Not at AllInsufficientlyNeutralSufficientlyCompletely
Meet the stated learning objectives?
Address the competencies or attributes relevant to your specialty or role?
Equip you with new information to overcome barriers to treatment?
Offer knowledge or skills to collaborate with your team to provide patient centered care?
Prepare you to better communicate with other members of your multidisciplinary care team?
Not at AllInsufficientlyNeutralSufficientlyCompletely
Knowledge (the new information gained)
Competence (skills, abilities, and strategies gained from the new information)
Performance (implementing the new skills, abilities, and strategies)
Patient Outcomes (the potential effect from gained skills, abilities, and strategies)
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I would recommend this activity to others.
The instructional effectiveness and expertise of the faculty were excellent.
The learning format was appropriate for this activity.