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CompletelySufficientlyNeutralInsufficientlyNot at All
Meet the stated learning objectives?
Address the competencies/attributes relevant to your specialty?
Equip you with new information to overcome barriers to treatment?
Present the material in a format appropriate to the topic?
CompletelySufficientlyNeutralInsufficientlyNot at All
Competence (skills/abilities/strategies gained from the new information)
Performance (implementing the new skills/abilities/strategies)
Patient Outcomes (the potential affect from gained skills/abilities/strategies)
CompletelySufficientlyNeutralInsufficientlyNot at All
I would recommend this activity to others.
The instructional effectiveness and expertise of the faculty were excellent.
The learning format was appropriate for this activity.
Not at allNot verySomewhatVeryExtremely
State-of-the-art presentation/cases
Speaker's reputations
CME credit
Level I Certification
Workshop Schedule
Meet with colleagues
Very lowLowAverageHighVery High
General organization (registration, etc.)
The quality of the workshop website
Clarity and usefulness of the final workshop program
Quality of audio-visual system
The meeting venue (e.g. ease of access, room size, general ambiance)
Quality of food and coffee during breaks
The city chosen as a location
Quality of the presentations
Networking opportunities during the meeting