Credit Worksheet
Thank you for attending ECHO-Chicago! To assist you in determining the correct number of credits to claim, you can use the tool below. Click the check box next to the sessions you attended. Then count the number of checks. That is the number of credits you will claim on the next page.
6/6/16 Orientation ECHO-Chicago and Hypertension
6/20/16 How To” process for addressing hypertension
7/11/16 Medication Adherence - how to optimize
7/18/16 Resistant Hypertension – definition and management
8/1/16 Combination therapy - when and how to use initial combination agents
8/15/16 What to do when serum creatinine rises when antihypertensive therapy is started
8/29/16 Hypertension: Diabetes and CVD risk-relative to BP levels
9/12/16 Treatment of hypertension in the elderly
9/26/16 Role of Kidney Disease as a cause of secondary hypertension
10/10/16 Hypertension in African Americans: Approaches to Therapy
10/24/16 Treatment approaches to hypertension in those requiring pain medications
11/7/16 Pseudopheochromocytoma, Cases and Series Wrap Up