Credit Worksheet
Thank you for attending ECHO-Chicago! To assist you in determining the correct number of credits to claim, you can use the tool below. Click the check box next to the sessions you attended. Then count the number of checks. That is the number of credits you will claim on the next page.
9/8/16 Introduction to ECHO-Chicago and the Epidemiology and Biology of Asthma
9/22/16 Diagnosis & Monitoring of Asthma Part I- Definitions, History, and Investigations
10/6/16 Diagnosis & Monitoring of Asthma Part II- Lung function testing
10/20/16 In-person
11/3/16 Diagnosis & Monitoring of Asthma Part III- Assessing severity
11/10/16 Treatment of Asthma Part I- Pharmaceutical therapy
12/1/16 Treatment of Asthma Part II- Environmental control
12/15/16 Treatment of Asthma Part III- Patient and Family Education
12/29/16 Treatment of Asthma Part IV- Community partner education (i.e. Schools)
1/12/17 Control of symptoms
1/26/17 Co-Morbiditities Part I- Conditions that mimic Asthma
2/9/17 Co-Morbiditities Part II- Conditions that co-exist with Asthma
2/23/17 Wrap Up & Therapy Resistant Asthma