Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a new account?
Click "Create account" in the upper right-hand corner:
  • UCM or Affiliates: Click "Login with your CNetID or UCHAD account" or follow these instructions.
  • Non-UCM/Affiliate Users: Click "Create Account" or follow these instructions.
How do I log in?
Use the log in link applicable to your login credentials:
  • UCM or Affiliates: Click "Log in with UCHAD or CNET ID" in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Non-UCM/Affiliate Users: Click "Visitor login" in the upper right-hand corner.
I forgot my password
All users are able to reset their own passwords:
  • UCM or Affiliates: Click on "Log in with UCHAD or CNET ID" in the upper right corner followed by "Forgot Password?" after entering your username.
  • Non-UCM Affiliate Users: Click on "Visitor Login" in the upper right corner followed by "Forgot Password?".


How do I register for an activity?
When visiting a course page, the "Get Started!" tab will provide instructions on registration.

How do I access a receipt for my registration?
Receipts are sent via e-mail at the time of registration. Access them via the "Orders/Receipts" button on our homepage or via your profile using these instructions.


How do I claim my credit?
Users will receive course-specific instructions on how to claim credit. Generally, users will return to the course's main page, navigate to the "Get Started" tab, and either enter an "Access Code" provided to attendees in their course instructions or click a "Complete Activity" button to initiate the credit claiming process.

Where are my certificates?
Once logged in and on our homepage click on "Certificates & Transcripts". You can also navigate to it via your profile using these instructions.

Where is my transcript?
For credit claimed:

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