Credit Worksheet
Thank you for attending ECHO-Chicago! To assist you in determining the correct number of credits to claim, you can use the tool below. Click the check box next to the sessions you attended. Then count the number of checks. That is the number of credits you will claim on the next page.
9/27/17 Overview of Opioid Use Disorder
10/4/17 Safe Prescribing of Opiates
10/11/17 Evidence Based Screening, Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention
10/18/17 Trauma Informed Care and Overview of Counseling Approaches
10/25/17 Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
11/1/17 Medication Assisted Treatment of Opiate Use Disorder
11/8/17 Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Part I – Getting to Induction
11/15/17 Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Part II - Maintenance
11/29/17 Alcohol Use Disorder and other Co-Addictions
12/6/17 Pain Management in MAT Patients
12/13/17 Common Comorbidities: HIV
12/20/17 Special Populations